conical fermenter

stainless fermentation tank
beer fermenter

Fittings of conical fermenter tank
Shadowless Manway: side manway or top manway
· 360 degrer rotating spray ball
· CIP Lines
· Tri-clamp butterfly valve for CIP
· Pressure Relief/Vaccumm Valve
· Rotating Racking Arm with butterfly Valve
· Tri-clamp Butterfly for Drain
· Thermometer
· Thermowell
· Sample Valve
· Duel zone cooling jacket
· Pressure Gauge
· Insulated Polyurathane Filled
· Mirror polished,no rough edges
Conical fermenter tank main parameters
Tank Material Sanitary  stainless steel 304
 Tank thickness inner tank-3-4mm, jacket-1.5-2mm,cladding-1.5-2mm
Agitator:  Raking system conneted into a top reducer
Bottom head type Saccharifing Units--- Flat bottom or 120º~185º cone
Fermention tank---- Conical degree  60-75°c
Jacket type  Dimple jacket on the cylinder and cone parts
External surface Stainless steel 2B board/Mirro polish/Matt wiredrawing processing,
Thickness=2mm,if need,could choose copper for outside