stainless steel beer fermenter

beer fermenter
fermentation tank

Stainless steel beer fermenter tank Features:
- 100% Stainless Steel 304 Construction;
- Dimple plate jacket for glycol cooling ( cover body & bottom);
- 2" PU foam Insulation;
- Tanks designed for up to 14.7 PSI and tested at 30 PSI ;
- Inside of the tanks are polished to Ra>.22um & the outside is a brushed / Satin finish.
- Shadowless Oval Manway open inward and outward;
- CIP with Spray Ball and downtube;
- Thermometer (PT-100) in thermowell at side;
- Sample valve;
- Bottom outlet with TC Butterfly valve;
- Adjustable legs with pads;
Stainless steel beer fermenter optional Features:
- Pressure Relief/Vacuum Valve Available
- Rotating Racking Arm with TC Butterfly Valve;
- Carbon Stone Available
- Extra Ferules installed per ferule 1" thru 3" sizes
- Sight Level Glass with 2 valves Installed;
- Other Manway style;
- Single Layer without jacket & insulation;
Stainless steel beer fermenter technical Parameter:
Tank Material
Sanitary  stainless steel 304
Tank thickness
inner tank-3-4mm, jacket-1.5-2mm,cladding-1.5-2mm
Raking system conneted into a top reducer
Bottom head type
Saccharifing Units--- Flat bottom or 120º~185º cone
Fermention tank---- Conical degree  60-75
Jacket type
Dimple jacket on the cylinder and cone parts
External surface
Stainless steel 2B board/Mirro polish/Matt wiredrawing processing
Thickness=2mm,if need,could choose copper for outside